Monday, October 17, 2011

9 Berries ♥


last Saturday
i brought my lil sister,Zhi along to redeem the ice-cream
that we bought it from Streetdeal
actually at first Zhi is attracted by their lucky draw session
which the winners managed to get a FREE limited edition kpop album
so WOW right?as Zhi is kind of kpop freak
[..and yet now i had been influenced to become one of them..]

so right after tuition
lil sis and I straight head to our destination
a bit 'challenging' to get our way there
as not many get to know about the way to KL city walk
never get any taxi
as we tried to stop a taxi driver
and he seems to take us as foreigners
rm10 for a really short distance
of course we didn't take his 'offer'
rather we went to seek for direction from others
and after reached the place,we only get to know how near it is "=.=


Our little note of itinerary :
1.Head to KLCC by taking rapid LRT.
2.Arrived KLCC,go to the Ramlee mall's main entrance
which near the
outlets like LV or Tiffany&Co.
[..the whole street would be Jln P.Ramlee..]
3.Turn left and walk straight until you reached crossroads.
4.Keep your direction cross the street and walk straight.
5.Soon,only a few metres you will get to see the KL City Walk signboard.
6.Finally,passes through all the street shops,you'll get to find 9 Berries!


For drivers,check the map here.

 The bosses are so enthusiastic
greet us with Korean language and their joyful smile
and if im not mistaken
tourists will managed to get 20% discount off if you greet back with

♥:.9 Berries Yougurt Cafe.:♥


9Berries is the 1st Yogurt concept cafe born in Kuala lumpur by Andy and Mimi.
They are young korean couple come to KL 2years ago.
They found there was no premium yogurt cafe in malaysia then,
which made them decided to introduce korean frozen yogurt to Malaysia.
9Berries start swirling and serving delicious and healthy frozen yogurt and yogurt drinks from 1st of September 2011.

for their menu :
a cup of yogurt ice-cream
it cost RM9.90 inc. 1 FREE fresh fruit topping and dry topping
RM1.50 for additional fruit topping
which their price is directly proportional to their portion
and Rm11.90 for a cup of yougrt smoothies
they also have their Korean tea and Korean bottled drinks.


rating : ★★★★  (recommended) 

personally i think 
 their yogurt ice-cream won't taste too sour for what we normally have it
lil sis and i their Mango and Strawberry flavour
Original flavous wasn't that bad too ;D 


the environment is kinda greenery and comfortable
kpop lovers will sure heart this place
with lots of kpop album and korean magazines


and the boss is really friendly
that he came and chat with us

 at first we intend to order 3 cups of ice-cream
but he advised us to take 2 cups to try the taste first


and he is so kind of that once he knew
lil sis didn't get to become one of them in the winners list
he even gifted a 2PM 1st concert poster to Zhi
how nice of him ;D Thank you!


lil sister was so happy and delight as what you can observed from the picture ;D 

both of us promised will definitely pay another visit to their shop in coming time!
which my lil sis had been dated her friends there after their final exam!!
heyy Kit,Ah Mah,X.yee,Sakai,Maccus nak jom sekali?


Let's jom to have our sweet afternoon session!
For further details information on 9 Berries,please check it out here!
or join them @ Facebook!


♥ 9 Berries Zzzang-iya~Hwaiting!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Wan Tien, thanks to your road guidance! I finally found the place today. :D When I walk back, I found that we can walk to there through crossing a bridge. You will see the bridge after you pass through Aquaria KLCC there. You'll see the gate and turn right to get to the bridge. :) It's more nearer! Anyway, thanks!

I agree so much that the yoghurt is very delicious! I had mango there. <3 They are very friendly and nice!

Have a nice day!



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